Monday,  1:30pm
Safety Session #3: Marketing Strategy by Kevin Elliott

Tuesday, 9:30am
Structures & Environment #2: Service LIfe & Durability of Steel Culverts and Buried Structures by Big R Bridge

Pavement Preservation #4: ADA Compliance

Tuesday, 1:15pm
WOTUS Presentations
Wetlands and Waters of the US
New Storage Tanks & UST Requirements

Tuesday, 1:45pm
Pavement Preservation #5: Fog Seal Bio-Sealant Research

Tuesday, 3:45pm
Workzone Safety Initiative- Wisconsin County Engineers Association

TZD.. Every Journey Begins with Small Steps
County Road Safety Plans Updates
Brown County Wisconsin County Road Safety Plan
Polk County Minnesota County Road Safety Plan

Wednesday, 10:00am
Pavement Preservation #7: Concrete Pavement Restoration