November 2020

NACE Update from President McGolpin

The past month has been an exciting and eventful one for NACE. I am very happy to announce that the rollout of our very first NACE Connect last week was a complete success.  This program was developed this year to provide opportunities for our Corporate Partners to present to our membership the services and supplies they have available to each of us in the communities we serve.  Without our annual conference this year, these good people lost the valuable opportunity to meet with each of us face to face in our exhibit hall.  My hope is in a small way NACE Connect will provide that same opportunity to our Corporate Partners until we hold our next in-person conference.  NACE Connect however will be a program that we continue to provide to our membership beyond the pandemic as an additional benefit to our partners while at the same time providing no-cost professional development hours to each of you.  I can’t thank Contech, a NACE Diamond Partner, enough for hosting us on their platform for the inaugural event.  They took the time needed to show the NACE team all that goes on behind the scenes to conduct a successful webinar.  I also want to thank those who joined us last week and encourage those who didn’t to please join when our second NACE Connect takes place in Q1 of 2021.  Remember, professional development hours can be obtained by attending selected webinars while at the same time learning about new cutting edge technologies and services to benefit both your operations budget and community.  Mark Servi, Corporate Member Services Committee Chair, and NACE’s Staci Morgan were the spark plugs who got this program up and running and I really appreciate all that they did to get this initiative started.

This year our Fall Board of Directors meeting was held in Minneapolis, MN.  Last year the leadership of NACE decided to schedule these annual meetings in a central location within our nation to ease the commute for members to attend these meetings in person.  As one of our members who lives on the coast, this decision was welcomed to avoid a whole day of travel and having to adjust to the impacts of crossing multiple time zones.  Realizing the need to ensure COVID-related health and safety measures, Minneapolis fit the bill perfectly and our outstanding Executive Director, Kevan Stone, planned it very well for the host hotel to be a mere few minutes from the airport, eliminating the need to venture outside for the duration of the event.  On the afternoon of October 28th, the Executive Committee conducted their meeting and on the morning of October 29th, the Board of Directors convened to tend to NACE business.  In a COVID environment we expected attendance to be down, but we were pleasantly surprised to have a few board members who were able to make the trip for a socially distanced meeting.  I thank the Executive Committee and Board of Directors for their continued support of our association, making tough but thoughtful decisions to ensure the long-term prosperity of NACE.

Over the next few months, we expect to roll out a white paper discussing ideas NACE has in the area of FEMA Reform.  To a person, if I ask someone in NACE about their experience with FEMA the stories are usually quite consistent and relate to customer service and efficiency concerns.  My goal by developing this information now is to inform a briefing paper that we can use on our DC Fly-Ins to help this federal agency.  Today’s travel restrictions will play into whether our 2021 Fly-In takes place or not, nevertheless this information will be available to each of us to brief our federally elected officials back home.  We need to start this conversation, if one needs to be had for your jurisdiction, then we will be able to capitalize on change in the future once Capitol Hill, the Administration, and FEMA opens for visitors in the future.  My thanks go out to Pam Dingman, Emergency Preparedness Committee Chair, and Josh Harvill, Legislative Committee Chair, and their respective committee members for providing the heavy lift of drafting this document.

In California, the Governor recently recommended travel restrictions if you are planning to leave the State as the COVID-19 case numbers around the globe continue to rise.  Also, a curfew went into effect this past weekend that residents are to abide by.  Unfortunate, but understood until we get control of this virus as the world awaits the arrival of much-anticipated vaccines.  I am however happy to report that planning for NACE 2021 in Palm Springs, Riverside County, CA is in full swing.  The County Engineers Association of California’s (CEAC) NACE 2021 Planning Committee and Staci Morgan continue evaluating potential topics for technical sessions and speakers.  I want to thank all of these folks for staying focused on developing one of the great conferences for NACE.  We all will know more in the next couple of months on whether the pandemic will have an impact on our scheduled in-person conference.  As mentioned previously, we plan to move forward with an in-person conference, with vendor registration soon to be underway.  Let’s all stay healthy and pray for a very quick end to this virus.   

I hope that each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families this year. Thank you all for your public service and commitment to NACE!

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