January 2019

NACE Update from President Rich Sanders

Hoping everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

After returning from my three weeks on the road, I was able to sit at home, and relax over the Holiday Season. That is because I had to burn up some vacation by year-end or lose it.  Of course, relaxing came to a halt when we received our first blizzard of the winter. Five inches of snow, 40 mph winds and -10F temperatures were not fun. Snow blowing became a priority so Ruth could get out of the garage and to work each day.

My last trip was a trip to Des Moines, IA for the Iowa County Engineers Conference Dec 12 – 14th. I want to thank Jon Burgstrum and Danny Waid for inviting Ruth and me to come to Des Moines. We had a great time. Usually they held their conference in Ames but moved it this year to Des Moines. It was a great conference and a great location. Since we were in Des Moines for NACE in 2013, a Hilton was built next to the convention center with skywalks attaching all the buildings. They were able to host over 100 exhibiters in their exhibit hall and put on some great technical sessions in the surrounding rooms. This year at the Technicians Lunch, they gave out awards to three individuals that each had 50 years on the job for their respective counties. Congratulations goes to Harlan Thurn – Clayton County, Terry Marienau and Richard Milne – Plymouth County for your 50 years of Service. The most amazing part was each of them worked all 50 years, for the same county.

As a Packers Fan, it is hard to see the playoffs begin and not have the Packers playing in them.  Who will win the Super Bowl, who knows but it should be an interesting playoff.

All the College Football games are over. I am guessing there are a lot of Auburn Fans that are happy that Clemson won last night. An Auburn Win, Georgia Loss and an Alabama Loss is like winning the Mega Millions Lottery if you cheer for the Tigers (War Eagle).  And of course, for my MN and ND County Engineer Friends that are NDSU Fans, Congratulations.  They won their 7th FCS Title this year as well.

Our Executive Director Kevan Stone is a University of Central Florida Graduate. At least we think he is. He keeps telling us he graduated but we have not yet seen a diploma. They put up a good fight against LSU, but in the end, their two-year winning streak ended.

Therefore, as I turn my attention from Football to Hockey and Curling, I look forward to the remainder of my year as President and look forward to seeing everyone in Wichita, KS for our NACE Conference in April.

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