Executive Director Update from Kevan Stone

Happy new year!  With a new year brings new opportunities, ideas and outlook for our great association.  2018 saw a lot of changes at NACE, many of which you will see this year.  

As you may know, registration for NACE 2019 is underway.  I can undoubtedly say our 2019 conference is going to be our best event yet!  While many behind the scenes aspects of the conference will go unnoticed, NACE staff are working diligently to provide a conference environment where you will not only walk away professionally enhanced with scores of educational sessions, technical demonstrations, and professional development opportunities, but the comradery you have come to expect and enjoy at a NACE conference will be taken to a whole new level.

We’ve given extra attention to our guest programming, ensuring that, if you choose, this event can be enriching for the entire family.  We’ve provided more opportunities for guests and delegates to interact together, all the while enjoying programming directly catered to making our event one you and your guests will be left excited for next year.  Many of these changes can be attributed to NACE’s new Conference and Membership Manager, Staci Morgan, whom you will have the opportunity to meet in Wichita this April.

To read more about our 2019 conference in Wichita, including registration information, click here.

President Sanders and I have spent the past 6+ months crisscrossing the country, spreading the good work NACE is performing not only to our current membership, but to prospective new members as well.  We have made successful inroads into Georgia, Florida and Nevada, to name a few.  This year will see an even more aggressive recruitment campaign, all designed to bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to our members across the country.  We remind all members that NACE officers and/or staff are always available to visit your conferences, providing a NACE and/or federal legislative update.

This winter will also see our first ever Washington D.C. federal government fly-in.  While year one will involve our Executive Committee, we look forward to expanding this event to include many more of our members in the future.  Our members possess the technical knowledge federal agencies and congressional offices do not, all the while being the ones on the ground navigating rules and regulations we now look forward to having a hand in formulating.  With visits to USDOT and congressional committees with jurisdiction over infrastructure development and regulation, we look forward to bringing your message to key decision makers and elected officials.

On a personal note, now 6 months served as your Executive Director, I find myself more excited than ever for the future of our organization.  The untapped potential of our members and programs is limitless, and we look forward to cultivating our strengths as the years progress.  Here in Washington, we are brimming with new ideas, some being implemented as we speak, some longer-term, but all designed to bring NACE to new heights in terms of exposure and prosperity.

I leave you with a challenge for 2019.  Our Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Committee chairs display a dedication to our Association unrivaled in our industry.  But they alone cannot carry us.  That falls upon all of us.  I challenge you to join a NACE and/or NACo committee.  I challenge you to do a let us know of your professional successes, so we can share it with the nation.  In the coming months, NACE staff will grow to include a communications component, solely dedicated to bringing our members exposure back home as well as nationally.  Let’s make sure they remain busy.

As always, your NACE staff is here for you.  Take advantage of it!  If there is anything we can do to aid you in your professional endeavors, please do not hesitate to call upon us.  

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