September 2018

Coming Soon- National Roundabouts Week (September 17-21)

***From FHWA***

I’m pleased to share that we’re moving ahead with the first National Roundabouts Week!  It will take place the third week of September (17th-21st).  The purpose of NRW will be to raise awareness about roundabouts and to provide a national platform to share the successes that state, local and tribal transportation agencies have had with them.

This will be a social media driven campaign.  FHWA will leverage our social media channels, seeding conversations (and hashtags) that will revolve around the following themes and topics, which we hope will then inspire you and your peers from around the country to add your own stories and experiences – and perhaps some great photos or videos as well:

•    Roundabouts to save lives and prevent injuries
•    Basic rules of the road at roundabouts
•    Dispelling common roundabout myths
•    Interesting roundabout trivia
•    Highlighting successful roundabouts from around the U.S.
•    Recognizing new roundabouts opening during or around NRW

We will be sharing this “heads-up” announcement with our partners and stakeholders who may be interested in contributing in their own ways to the success of this campaign, including AASHTO, ITE, TRB, IIHS, AAA, APWA, ATSSA, ASCE, NLTAPA, NSC and others.  Please feel free to share this with your own state, local or tribal contacts.  We certainly encourage everyone to consider their own localized activities for NRW!

If you don’t already, be sure to friend FHWA on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us on Twitter (@USDOTFHWA).

Also, feel free to contact me with any questions you might have about this campaign.

Looking forward to a fun and exciting National Roundabouts Week!


Jeffrey Shaw, PE, PTOE, PTP
Intersections Program Manager
FHWA Office of Safety
(202) 738-7793

***End FHWA Message***

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Coming Soon! National Roundabouts Week (September 17-21)

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