September 2018

**September 20 Webinar** Registration Open: EDC-5 Project Bundling Orientation Webinars

You are invited to register for the EDC-5 Orientation Webinars on:
Project Bundling - a strategic program delivery solution capitalizing on economies of scale and helping agencies achieve system performance goals rapidly. This approach is especially valuable for bridge construction and FHWA will soon be rolling out a previously developed ‘Bridge Bundling Guidebook’, which will become part of this EDC-5 initiative.

Interested in providing transportation benefits to your customers faster and more effectively, while also achieving system performance goals and shortening the project delivery process?  Interested in funding and financing strategies for a needed program of projects? Then please join us to learn more about Project Bundling, including case studies and more advanced methods that are being practiced by lead agencies around the country. See also FHWA’s web site to learn more about this EDC-5 innovation.   

TARGET AUDIENCE: Planning/Programming, Finance, Project Development (e.g. Environment, Road & Bridge Design, ROW), Program Managers/Specialists (e.g. safety, pavements, structures, traffic operations) and Contracts/Construction staffs. Project bundling is a program and project delivery strategy that is best considered agency-wide and early in the planning/programming cycle for the greatest benefit. And while it culminates in a contracting approach, it is a cross-cutting initiative that can benefit many disciplines via potential streamlining opportunities. Please share this registration information with your FHWA discipline, DOT, STIC, and other key transportation partners.

Project Bundling Orientation Webinars:
September 20th-
10:30-12:00 ET    Register Here
1:30-3:00 ET         Register Here

*Note that there is a new registration process for non-U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) personnel, listed below.* USDOT staff and USDOT-badged contractors do not need to register for an account and can sign up immediately using the registration links provided below.
Registration process for Non-USDOT personnel:
1.  Non-USDOT personnel, including state DOTs, must request access to the FHWA External Portal for webinars:
•    To request an account, click here
•    For step-by-step instructions, click here (click “ok” until you bypass credentials)

2.  Once access is granted, users must login using the email address and password used to request access to the FHWA External Portal. Account issuance takes approximately one business day. Once you receive account information, you can access the site by clicking on the registration link to the webinar of your choice, listed above, and logging in.

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September 20th Webinar: Registration Open EDC-5 Project Bundling Orientation

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