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NACE publishes an extensive series of Action Guides on subjects important to county engineers and public works managers. There are 19 Action Guides available, which are regularly updated, revised and/or replaced to keep them up to date. NACE also publishes a series of Training Guides for road crews. The Training Guides present the basics of a variety of operations in a pocket-sized training book.

NACE Action Guides are $7 each for members, and $10 each for non-members. Training Guides are $5 each for members and $7 each for non-members. A full set of all NACE publications, (all Action Guides and all Training Guides) is $135 for members and $200 for non-members. New members will receive the full set with their new member kit. There is an additional charge for shipping.

Non-member orders must be prepaid by check or money order. Member orders may be prepaid by check or money order or billed upon request, and can be placed by fax or e-mail. Click here to view a NACE publication and video order form. To receive a NACE publications and video catalog by mail, fax or e-mail contact NACE at:

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All new members of the National Association of County Engineers receive a full set of publications in CD format with their new member kits.


  • Organization - Organization and management methods for use in county public works departments; 1992.
  • Personnel - Basic concepts in personnel management for a public works department. Chapters on organization, recruitment, training, performance reviews, etc.; 1992.
  • Financial Management - Creating an effective financial management system. Chapters on the uses of cost information, accounting systems, budget management and special purpose financial management; 1992.
  • Maintenance Management - Implementation of a maintenance management system. Topics include: work programs, budgeting, scheduling work, evaluating performance and more; 1992.
  • Administration of Bridge Inspection - Legal liability and responsibilities for administering the inspection of bridges and other highway structures; 1990.
  • Tort Liability - Current trends in law concerning tort liability, and ways to minimize the risk of liability suits; 1992.
  • Road Programming - Six steps to efficient road management: inventory, classification, measuring improvement needs, financial planning, priority analysis, and program assembly; 1992.
  • Road Surface Management - Improve your decisions regarding maintenance repair, rehabilitation, and reconstruction of road surfaces; 1992.
  • Roadway Safety - To help county agencies with identifying and evaluating roadway safety hazards; 2000 (replaced Safety Improvements 1990).
  • Stormwater Management and Drainage - Designed to assist local officials in the development of plans for proper roadway drainage; 2000 (replaced Drainage 1992 and Soil Erosion and Water Pollution Prevention 1990).
  • Subsurface Soils Exploration - Information on planning and implementing a subsurface soil investigation; 1992.
  • Bridge Rehabilitation on Local Roads - This guide addresses the elements of rehabilitation of local bridges and its importance to maintenance and operations personnel; 1995.
  • Rural Transportation Planning - Detailed coverage of the elements of comprehensive, regional and transportation planning, plan development and legislative concerns for the county engineer; 1995.
  • Purchasing Authority - Detailed coverage of the many purchasing requirements as well as guidelines for procurement of supplies, services and facilities; 1990.
  • Impact of land Development on County & Local Transportation System Planning - The importance of the development process to transportation is detailed in this useful guide; 1995.
  • Solid Waste Management - Current issues are covered in this guide including landfill operations, collection, flow control, recycling and Title D requirements; 1995.
  • Public Awareness & Support - Working with the public and its many dimensions is covered in this guide to help the county engineer promote and sell his county's projects and programs; 1995.
  • Traffic Operations - A condensed guide for maintenance and operations personnel to traffic engineering, traffic studies, signs, markings and signals, work zone safety and traffic control for schools and residential areas; 1995.


  • Handbook on Training for Road Departments - A guide to general decisions and considerations for training a road a road department staff; 1990.
  • Trainers Guide - Provides tips for effective planning, preparation, and performance during employee training; 1986.
  • Blading Aggregate Surfaces - A guide for foremen, grader operators and multipurpose crews who maintain aggregate surfaced roads; 1990.
  • How to Talk and Communicate at the Same Time - A booklet of tips to facilitate communication in the office as well as at the worksite; 1986.
  • Improving Traffic Maintenance - A reference tool for foremen to improve quality and safety in traffic maintenance; 1986.
  • Tips for Conserving the Environment and Energy - Offers tips to help protect and improve our environment; 1990.
  • Bridge Maintenance on Local Roads - Details the planning and

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